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Fireplace Inserts Vs Gas Log Box

Gas Insert

Here we talk about Gas Insert Fireplace Product and the general misconception people have about gas inserts. We explain some key terms that will help you have a better understanding about these inserts. Along with these, in the video and our showroom we have an example of a gas insert that is used in our fireplaces. We also explain the difference between a Gas Log Box and a Gas Insert

Direct Vent Fireplaces

In this video we explain what the Los Angeles County requires you to have for you fireplaces. We also explain what exactly a Direct-Vent Fireplace is as well as an Open Fireplace along with the differences between the two fireplaces. 

Direct Vent Fireplace Vs Open Fireplace

Custom Design Prefabricated Box Fireplaces

Open Fireplaces

In this video we explain what we do when clients want custom designs for any type of Pre-fabricated Masonry Fireplace. We continue to explain that these can not be done to Direct-Vent Fireplaces and what mistakes people have about these types of designs. 

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