Selection of our Gas Fireplaces

Multiple selection of natural and propane gas fireplaces with variety of options can be overwhelming for some of us.

Many of our clients browse the varieties of gas fireplaces on our site and give us a call and get the best recommendations. You can do so as well.

So we’ll talk to you on the phone, or help you at our shop and even make a visit to your house and assist you to make the best choice.

We recommend visiting our best in town showrooms to:

  • Look at the real flame ( not a photo shop )
  • Feel the intensity of the heat
  • Learn about our unique designs, and
  • Hear about new trend and ideas

After all we provide both natural  and propane fuel intake, and they come in following varieties:

SEE-Through, Bay Gas, Pier Gas, Single-Sided, Double Corner, Ring Corner, Left Corner, Front Facing, Villa, Lina, Twilight Gas,  and many more

Alternatively, you can can request our Flame Squad team to visit your house, and

  • Check the requirement meets for a gas fireplace
  • make suggestion and offer optimized solutions
  • developed plans for outstanding project, and
  • inform you with possible opportunities, and more

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