Heat N Glo

See-Through Gas Fireplaces


Elevate your atmosphere in a see-through version of the Primo, which shines the beauty of your interior everywhere

In a clean transitional look, draw people and your interior together. The Escape See-Through fireplace stands out 


Make your home a castle. From patio – living room, savor the same beautiful fire  Fortress see-through gas fireplace.


The first indoor/outdoor gas fireplace trends ahead with the Twilight Modern see-through model.

Think outside the box, inside your space. The two-sided Mezzo modern gas fireplace highlights your style …

Twilight II

Enjoy the fire yearlong, from either side. Venting in the Twilight II see-through indoor/outdoor fireplace…

Think big, deliver bigger in a fireside experience you can walk around. The Pier see-through gas fireplace partitions 


Add the atmosphere of fire into your room in a new way. The Corner Two-Sided gas fireplace brings an unused space …

Unify your space even if you do not have much space—or budget. The 36″ see-through gas fireplace delivers …

Transform your tight space into two rooms of sizable enjoyment. The invitingly priced See-Through 32” gas …

Twilight II See Through Gas Fireplace

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