Learn about fireplace types and fireplace styles. Furthermore,  learn how we are the best choice to warm your home with our luxurious selection of  fireplaces.


We have more than 3 decades of experiencing for sales and servicing Fireplaces in Los Angeles and neighboring counties.  Also we offer custom design, gas, electrical, wood burning, and musical fireplaces.


We have experienced a big transition to Modern Fireplaces. Many of our contemporary house clients request to install Modern Fireplaces. However, Traditional Fireplaces are still the best choice of our clients with high end buildings. In many parts of Los Angeles county Wood Fireplaces are not permitted. And, we offer a great conversion solutions for them.


Fireplace is a one time buy. Depending on the style and types of the fireplaces many choices are possible. So that, a proper consulting is needed to make the best decision. Encino Fireplace shop with multiple locations in Los Angeles provides on phone, in store and in the house consulting to help clients making a good decision.

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